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It has been awhile since i last blog!  <<<< The most frequent opening i use for most of my post -_-. LOL. Okay what happened to blogging regularly haha. I guess that failed. But still i am blogging more than last year which is a duh since i am currently more free.

gonna just blog about my life a little hehe.

Firstly 'A' Levels results. Honestly i think i did pretty okay. But i am still below average in school LOL. The average is 81/90 for my school and if i calculated correctly, i scored 80/90.

H1 GP - D (not surprise)
H1 PW - A
H1 GEOGRPHY - B (wow okay)
H2 PHYSICS - C (not bad considering not passing once at all)
H2 MATH - A (hehe)

So i went to look at a few courses. I know that in my previous post i actually said that i didnt really know what to do luh. Now that i have the option to choose i'm thinking of either an IT or science course. I'm more incline towards NUS and yeah, dont think i am gonna stay in dorms/halls.

I thought about the computing and science. If its computing, then i wanna try computer science/information system/information security. If its science, then i guess its chemistry. Shall discuss about it with some of my tutors i guess?

okay. Now about other random stuff ...

I bought a new lip colour some time ago. I wanted to buy a red one and i saw this at watsons. Really cheap and i think its moisturizing enough and doesn't really feel sticky on your lips. I dont really like gloss btws LOL. I bought the wrong red though. Wanted a darker red, like deep red but instead i bought the one which is a more vibrant red, Sigh, wonder when will i get a chance to use it.

Anyways, i'm probably gonna blog about all my recent purchases - make up and beauty products etc.

 And selfies of me as usual HAHA.
Aiya nowadays take selfie got no feel ._. LOL. okay have to take passport photo later.
Need to renew my passport and for sea games stuff also.

and lastly gonna end this post with my cute cousin kailin :)!


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