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I'm fully aware that one of my eye is bigger than the other -_-

Okay! Back to blogging and it has been a longggggggg while~
So i've applied to NUS and NTU. Kinda regretted that i did it quite late because its kinda troublesome  ... oh well and that's because i lost the pin. Whatever. Left about 4 days before submission closes and i'm still thinking if i should go ahead and apply for SMU. Like it would be better to apply to as many schools as possible to increase the chances of getting in .. yeah feeling a little insecure :/ 

Anws, my contract with Aviva ends on the 31st and i have been looking for a job since 2 weeks ago LOL. Talk about being kiasu hur. I didn't know that i was entitled to 4 paid leaves instead of just 1. so i took my paid leave for my last four days of work at Aviva haha. Yes i am having a long weekend from thurs till tues. But then my long weekend got extended till the 6th hehe.

Starting my new job on the 7th. Will be working part time at Smiggle and i'm planning to continue even when school begins. Hopefully i can cope with it because i really want to stop taking allowance from my mum. 

Okay thats all for now hehe. Will blog again some time soon (i hope). Ciaos~

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