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I seriously dont get it. Why last minute plans.

Okay i am not trying to say that i dont make last minute plans. Sometimes its spontaneous and when it comes to studying for exams/test, i always tend to procastinate until the day near to the actual day. Nowadays i try to plan and if anything i will make sure i ask beforehand. At least a few days in advance.

For me, family is definitely my priority. I cant just compare friends and family. Both are equally important to me. Just that, almost everytime i made plans with friends, my mum JUST have to ask me to go out with her at the very LAST MINUTE.

And her reasons always make me feel that its more important so i have to cancel my plans with my friends. Fuck.

Whenever i keep going out she isnt happy. Whenever i am not out she doesnt ask me for anything. Whenever i already plan to meet someone few days later, she will ask me if i am free on that day for this this this or that that that.

There are many times i want to tell her that i am already going out on that day, WHICH I DID. But in the end i always cancel my plan because: "oh bevause i thought you are free then i can _______. If not free then never mind lor. Since you already have plans."

Seriously. Honestly speaking i am someone who will feel guilty and bad for whatever reason. But i hate it when i have to make such decision. Its like you putting me in between to see which is more important. Its fine if one is obviously less important than the other.

Its just so frustrating.


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