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Probably the worst national exams ever lol. Anyways, whatever i type in this post is just my opinion. Some may say that jc is the hardest out of all but i've heard people saying that university is like taking A levels 8 times or something. It's like each semester is like A-levels haha. Not sure about, just hoping to get a decent result which allows me sufficient choices to choose from. 
During that period of time last year, most of the people, including myself, gotten rather sensitive. And some were pretty emotional too. Stress and anxiety are inevitable. I guess one can only feel secured if he/she has been performing well in school; like above or about average of the cohort. 
I remember being really irritated with my uncle's wife, okay my aunt, that i literally tried to avoid her in every ways i can. Her questions were so annoying and irritated at that point of time because they were they same sets of questions each time. At the same times, i was tired everyday after school with all the academics stuff and drama in school. So every time i reached home, i would love to have that 1 hour of peace to myself. But nope the moment she sees me she starts:

So how are you preparing?
confident or not?
Can do well?
What course you want to go?
Why not be doctor?
Our entire family's dream of becoming a doctor is on you now.
How are your results?
You nervous or not?
Finish studying?

So, my response:

(got this from my twitter)

I know that she's concerned about me and so on but during that period its really tiring to repeat the same answers again and again. I've friends who already have a dream or aim and i do kind of envy them. Because they have something to work hard for, so its like a source of motivation for them. Bet i guess the biggest motivation of all is to get out of jc, do it well once and for all so that we do not have to undergo this _____ again (fill in the blank; however would you like to describe it as).  Honestly till date, i still do not have a solid idea of what i really want to do in future. I do have thoughts about but its not fixed either .. it changes form time to time and the genre differs from each pretty much. I can't decide; so i shall let my grades do the narrowing down part for me lol.

I don't really have a studying style ... okay i do have but none of them are fixed. I always change them, so i studied differently for each exams. For this, i actually went out to study (almost everyday). Because whenever i am home, i have access to wifi and my bed is just right behind me. My study table is like so damn messy. I only have a small space to do my work and all my notes are scattered on my bed. Anyways, it has been an increasing trend to study outside of home. Long queues are seen outside libraries and they are always PACKED. Then people turn to fast food, cafes and the airport.

Initially i studied at subway (jubilee) and coffee bean (amk hub). Because its near my house and i get to stay there for pretty long hours. It was so much more productive there than studying at home. occasionally i think i sat pretty unglamly and talked to myself a lot. Sorry if i creep you out. then later i turn to the airport, studied at terminal 3's macdonalds. That's because the previous place were too near my house and then i start going home earlier and earlier. #staminadepletion From that, you can roughly see how much i spent during that period. Studying is so expensive, So much money are used indirectly. I've not include tuition fees. 

Results will be out soon. Okay very soon. Maybe tomorrow or a later date. All the best to everyone! Whatever it is i hope its to your favour #goodluck.



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