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Yeah man part 1 siol. Maybe there weren't as much things as i thought to blog about LOL. But still i just wanna share all of these good and bad times on my blog haha. Yes blog i'm back sorry for neglecting you. Please blame everything on studies .... okay kidding i also lazy la LOL.
Anws this is a scheduled post 😂 .. right now at this timing i am probably having lunch break haha.
So i'll be blogging about:
March - blocks and Vietnam Trip.
April - A divs

And duh large portion of this post will be about my vietnam trip and a divs, there isn't much to talk about exams anws haha.

Here's my schedule.
Well you see, my coach's judo club was organising an overseas judo trip with St. Gabriel's. And so, me, karshing and sean decided to yolo and join them despite in the midst of blocks.
okay blocks is just uhm the first major school exam of the year, yeah. Xiuming and cassie went too haha. 

Say hi to organic chem and that's just half of the mindmap.
It's all about the connection between each chapters lol.

Hahahaha omg i can still remember that day. 
So on our day of flight to Vietnam, we had both GP papers and also our H1 papers. 
And i remembered that the night before i just told myself to study until like 2am (LOL seriously), go for exams and then sleep during my flight to vietnam HAHA. Whoa but seriously man, to those who are taking exams, please have at least 6 hours of proper sleep LOL no joke. Don't try. 

Xiuming took the flight with sir (our coach lol), cassie, patrick and the St Gab's peeps whileme, karshing and sean took a later flight there. And there's Ruilin being so sweet for sending us off at the airport! My family did too la haha. Its my first time going there but not really for shing and sean. And duh, its my first overseas judo trip but we did mostly shopping there haha.

oh and it's my first time taking budget airline LOL. 

And here's our bed.
okay la the hotel is not that bad. Apparently the three of us reached the hotel earlier than the rest so they just gave us a room first to put our luggage. Rather than having us waiting at the lounge lol. Then when we decided to go out and grab some dinner, they arrived LOL.

hungry shing #capturealltheunglammoments heh.

Okay and next thing is ..
i can't really remember to sequence so uh forget about it LOL. 
I'll just blog whatever that comes to my mind then HAHA sorry! 

 Patrick says hi ~

Group shot! while watching a judo match. 
And there's jade - the one who took the photo and me popping out cause i short and not sure if i am being blocked LOL. Pardon my fringe and i decided to give up on arranging it and let it parts in whatever way it wants too HAHA.

Jerome, no idea what was he doing though haha.
Have not seen him for ages haha. Second shot was taken by karshing/shing haha.

Then we went to this place which idk whats the name LOL.
Went to look around at the scenery and then had tons of food. The weather that was .. hot.
Not joking at all! all of us are sweating damn badly haha and just wanna sit down and chill under the shade. Everyone had like many rounds of sugar cane and beer .. for some of us heh.


Then we all book a long ride down the mekong river (i think la idk la omg save me LOL my memory is failing #muchexaggeration). We got to experience the floating market and then the visited a few interesting places along the way and got to eat lots of yummy food keke.
who doesn't love good food? 

and here's us after physcial training! Most of us slept from like less than 4 hours haha
Eh the we did went for training la only one day though LOL. The rest was just relax, sight-seeing and tons of shopping!!! #buyallthecheaploots. But its nice that i manage to get closer to most of them throughout this entire trip.

sean,shing and i tried to study during this trip but obviously we failed terribly in sticking to that haha. okay la they did more than me but oh well we decide to enjoy instead. 

Oh and i remembered one of the night me, shing, sean, cassie, xiuming and patrick we just partied in our room LOL. We had a huge pizza party and then next we eh drank a few rounds 
controlled drinking okay guys! No casualties and we didnt do anything illegal LOL. 

some random selfies! With shing and antonio~

Well it was just like a 4 days trip i think? But i had lots of fun! And yes i was the one who shopped the most there and prolly spent the most. People got scared by how much i can shop LOL. Sorry if i dragged you around hahahha oops. And i remembered that opposite where we were staying there was this shop that sold really nice clothes for both guys and girls.

✨ And yes, we raid that place. Under my command. 
We went there almost everyday to check out for a new *ahem* goods LOL. Its really affordable and worth the it luh, I did my math okay! #cheapskate haha. And i think the people there loveeeeee us cause we spent loads there.

and yeap that summarise my vietnam trip haha.
Ps for not having much photos of it cause i was lazy luh hur.

oh and i kinda injured myself during the trip while on the mats.
So had a super huge bruise over my left knee? but its okay already haha nothing serious~

so after being back from vietnam.
Blocks resume, school training resume everything resume.

studying in the library with the judo babes and because jackets are too mainstream,
ruilin wore my gi to fight the cold in the library instead hahaha. 

But i guess my mind just focus more on training throughout this period because A-division was around the corner. First week of april? Yeah. I took part in the under 52kg category for individuals haha was busy gaining weight while people are trying to lose weight. 

 Oh, and here are my grades for blocks. #nothingtobeproudof HAHAHA 

That was my first and last A-division :) 
I trained almost/practically everyday and i had fun everyday of course. 
Judo is what i am currently enjoying now hehe. Although i got loads of injuries this year but still i miss this period of the year most i guess? Cause everyone was working hard, doing their best and improving a lot! The support and encouragement for each other was awesome too.

group shot with CJC's judo girls!
Taken during team event match for bronze.
RI and HCI fought for for champion and i think HCI won? Correct me if i'm wrong, sorry!

 The results are okay la not that bad haha.
Got lots of bronze LOL. So both NYJC team event we got bronze. Then for individual there weere bronzes too and Ambrose got silver. I lost my bronze match haha that day so emotion omg #sopaiseh then happy for St Gab's boys cause they won overall champion yeah! Good job!

So after the competition, some time later we had a mini celebration haha.
Sir catered food for us (thank you!!!) and also we had a mini photoshoot session. That day was just another fun day i had. 

The judo babes! 

The judo babes ft. Mr Ong LOL

there's sir and us sitting down haha.
Well we decided to give something to sir to say thank you. 
Because he really did gave us a lot of support during training and outside of it. He's really still very nice to use put it a lot of effort in training us! I mean most of us in NYJC went to A divs with only one year plus of training, so its an achievement yeah! 
And he also bought rash guard for those competing! 

So the exco's discuss (i joined them only this year) that we should make a note book. Xiaoying decorated it haha. And then all of us wrote short notes to sir and pasted them in it. Each page also has some of sir's quotes LOL. He always says a few things that we often *ahem* mimic haha. 

of course we didn't forget joanna! Who is another awesome coach. We didn't neglect her laaaa! Just that her present is being delayed haha we manage to give it to her during judo camp which i think its during june holidays LOL. 

So, i guess that's all for now!
Look forward to the next #throwback post okay?

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