Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 1:30 PM with
Shit just got real.
My wardrobe is bursting. Literally.

Urgh i think i need to cut down on it. Spending waaaaaaaay too much. I just wanna buy everything i like and all those pretty clothes. But then sometimes its like .. they just don't suit me or that they don't fit me (mostly shopped online).

I do shop for things like price over quality (haha) because i know its a waste to spend too much. Then i try to sell them online via carousell but somehow also not much business ... meh. Wanted to join a flea mart to sell most of them but then the rent is not worth it. I don't even know if i can earn enough to cover the rent ... Tried to ask friend to share together but most of them feel that it's a waste of money too LOL.

Omgggggggg. Need. To. Control. FML.

Anws .. i got my helix pierced on monday!
I've always been wanting to get it and in fact i had it before on my left ear. But i took it out because of inflammation and it was really bad. So i went to Bdazzle this time round to do it. I remember habing my first set pierced there when i was really young. Honestly speaking, they are really good. I felt no pain at all; prolly because of the numbing/cooling spray haha.

Here's a selfie of my say hi to my new piercing! And yes my complexion is not that good in reality. I survived by using filters HAHAHA.


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