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I hope lady luck is on everyone's side today. All the best everyone!
Today is the release of 'O'-Levels result and that was a thing back then two years ago for me. There's always a debate between Poly and JC. Like JC is always associated with super lots of stress and some of the negative stuff whereas Poly has been a rather popular option nowadays.

Honestly, in my opinion, each has their own merits and detriments.

I choose JC because in Poly, i am aware of the amount of projects there are. At the same time, i was unable to firmly decide on a course that i want. I wasn't sure about what i really want to do in the future. At the same time, the amount of time is shorter. But its not always shorter. There are risks of being retained or u-turning (voluntarily chose to repeat a year). JC is definitely stressful because of the huge jump; but i won't say that Poly isn't stressful either.

In Poly, your social life would be much more interesting and you'll be able to have more hands on experience. The skills you learn from doing those projects will definitely be useful in future, We also have project work in JC except its only one topic, for the entire year.

The problem with projects is with the amount of resource and most importantly teammates. From what i experience, i had a teammate who was very uncooperative but fortunately the rest were supportive. So in the end it all worked out well. I have heard stories from my friends in poly too. Some are lucky to have teammates who are willing to share the work load. Whereas on the other hand, there are peoples that are not gonna do anything.

It's also not easy to maintain GPA for the next three years. But 'A'-levels aren't any easier. It's a like a marathon. You need to have enough stamina to cope academically and with your CCA. Most of the time people in JC just sacrifice their sleep or social life but its not that we do not have a life. We can still go out, party, have fun and yolo. Its just that we have a lot to do in a relatively short time to complete,

I'm not gonna say JC is gonna be all fun and etc. Either JC or Poly, it will be fun, as long as you made the correct decision for yourself. It also depends on the people you interact and encounter in your new environment. Things wont be easy and you'll definitely experience shitty things either way; just the extent of it may differs depending on your circumstances.

It does not mean that going to JC will guarantee you a sae spot in university. You have to work for it too.

Best of luck people! Whatever it is, choose whatever you truly want. You can ask for suggestion or opinion but you need not have to believe in everything they say. Some may say jc are okay and fun, some may say jc is hell. Some may say poly is slack and less stressful, some may provide a different view.



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