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One of my friend read my past blog post in 2013 and then i decided to blog about this issue again. In 2013 i think i blogged a really long post about something that happened within my clique. By the ways, that clique is gone. But i am still friends with 4 out of the whole group.

I just felt like blogging about my friendship stories. Good and bad. And let's just say is something i learned from school, outside of those stack of notes. 

There are many ways people in which people can view me so i guess i have many views of others i guess. At the start of the year i find my class really fun and they are a bunch of nice peeps to hang out with. But you see, after some time, i can somehow understand their "pattern" or their character. Sometimes i asked myself, like what makes me so sure that they are like this? And maybe i was just over thinking.

But then when repeatedly similar incidents happens and their repeated action allows me to confirm how i perceive them. Not necessarily all bad and no good. It's just in some ways i didn't like it. We are all good people in our friends' eyes. And not all of us are totally bad.

Nothing to talk about my clique since its like, gone? Haha. So in my class, there are a few cliques and that's understandable. In year one, we celebrate birthdays by month which is okay by me. But then during june or july things changed. It's fine if you wanna celebrate birthdays of someone from your clique. But you DO NOT drag in people who do not feel close to them into buying presents. And seriously, presents need not to be something that is expensive. Like over $150 and split it among a group of about 10 or slightly more (inclusive people who do not feel close to the birthday person). Really? Is there a need? Back then we know each other barely half a year. 

Then she just carried on for a few more birthdays and thats when things in our class gets a bit strained i guess? I mean its okay if you guys wanna celebrate birthdays as a clique but there is no need to make it into such an exclusive event and excluding us openly. Even if we ask about it you don't have to hide form us either right? Is there really a need to whisper around us and making those eye contact as though we are spies?

There's this guy in our class. Probably our class's peacemaker. He always tried to include everybody, tried to make us bonded as a class but kinda fails. I really appreciate his effort and feel sorry for not cooperating much with him because i see no point. Like my class is kinda segregated pretty much before 2014 was about to end. Its really not possible to please everyone especially when we are not bonded. What one wants might not suit the other group. Its hard and everyone is not cooperating too. #guilty

I honestly felt better of hangout with my judo friends and i did told them before like directly lol. I came to be so tired of a lot of things happening around me and decided to just be straight forward. And many people would always tell me that i am not tactful and so on but i don't think i really cared at that time. There's no point in keeping quiet and putting up with someone if you are not happy about. Then thats when i decide to really yolo and not care much about those unnecessary things.

I don't have much friends but those that i have sticks with for a long time. Even if we meet up once in a while, we are still close. That's my opinion.

Okay shall blog till here because i have no idea how to continue this and if i were to type on, i would probably be rambling lol. Its just somethings of 2013/2014 which i didn't blogged about and things i wanted to blog.



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