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New Year Resolution!
okay so most people had theirs ready in the first day #foreverblogginglate.

I don't really stick to them anyways honestly speaking. Like i don't have the stamina to last so long haha but yeah i try to sick to it as long as possible and then like give up if i am tired of it.

For this year:

1. Less injuries
Yes yes yes. And many people will agree with me on this, Imagine last year during February i sustained like almost 5 injuries or something. My body is screwed LOL. Nah but i won't blame it on judo honestly. I mean sometimes its just me or the other person not being careful. So this year less injuries please.

2. Exercise regularly
I do exercise quite a lot compared to most of my friends i guess? But just that now that i am working i might not be able to go down for judo training as often as before :/. So i just wanna like make an effort to at least do a bit of exercise every night before i sleep? Haha, Pilates or stretching .. whatever is fine~

3. Save money
HAHA! Let's be honest. I mean how many of us actually stick to this throughout the year?
Well its hard la but i mean its something we ought to do but that doesn't mean we have to save and put all our money in the bank and let it rot or eaten by whatever it is. Invest la invest la LOL. Thats what my tuition teacher told me haha. Go and buy land haha. Well i have definitely shopped  A LOT last month. Definitely. I can safely swear i spend close to $500. And i should start saving since the start cause there are a lot of things on my wishlist then i want. Like to travel to many places and also to take up lessons. more importantly, i want to stop taking pocket money from my parents when i enter university.

Yes i know right, 18 going 19 but still getting pocket money from parents. I love my parents. Always.

4. Be a better person
self improvement wtf. But yes. That's because i honestly think that i was a much better person at the start of last year and then i evolve into some severe PMS creature haha exaggerated much. I don't know .. i just become more and more realistic as day passes last year and I tend to think a lot. Like good and bad. Its hard to explain the sort of person i am haha. It's a long story but still i accept all sides of myself.

5. Spend more time and to take more photos with my family and friends.
If you thought i belong to the group of people who are always out of the house ... nope~ Haha i prefer to stay at home most of the time. And i do all my shopping online cause they are much cheaper haha. Recently my family have been getting along well and we have been hanging out quite a lot and i really liked it. I remember back then when i was in primary school, things weren't that good in our family luh but things got better yay ^^.

The thing about friends is that i only hangout with a few that i am really close to. There are many of them whom we only meet once in awhile but we are like bffs for life. which i prefer that but still i wanna get together more often with them because hey, they're gonna be my life long friends :) #ipray LOL.

And also i do not really take selfies/wefies/welfies with them because its in the public and i am shy LOL but i got a lot selfie. which makes it hard for me to load all my photos to find the right one to upload HAHA.

okay lah thats all, no point having a long list when i can't even keep to one out of these LOL. Shall try to stick to this five omg x.x #stressidekwhy

Have an awesome year ahead people! Ups and down are a given but we can always learn something out of everything.


or maybe i should stick to this (below). Doesn't seems like a bad list either. 


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