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So ever since i start blogging again ... i feel so much betterrrrrr~  Well even though mostly are just the past which i didn't blogged about. 

This is just another post about last year april haha, where i went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for the first time in my life. 
Yes, FIRST. I feel that i am lagging behind in so many things 😢.
To celebrate my brother's birthday and just nice mum manage to get the tickets at a discounted rate, we decided to visit USS, 

The night before HAHA. 
Thinking back right, i used to put mask a lot during 2012/2013 but then in 2014 i am like i can't be bothered any more haha. Now i am starting to take care of my complexion again la hehe.

Say hi to my family~

The weather was good that day i mean judging from the sun light and these photos have no filters at all hahhaha. 

And i do notice how different i look in here compared to my *ahem* profile pic on the left hahha. 
Usually when i take selfies i tend to ditch my specs. I have been wearing specs at a very young age, so yeah haha, 

 another shot!
Okay thats all for today haha. Taking a break from long post by posting something short #excuses.


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