Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 10:23 PM with
Hi guyssssss.

Okay i am aware that i have not blogged for almost a week ... 😂😂😂
So sorry about it despite me promising that i will blog properly, more regularly #fail.

Gonna talk about some random things. 
Like its my first time receiving my pay via my bank account. Previously when i work as a hamper decorator, i collect my pay via cash physically. So its kinda new to me hehehe. Amd yes i am very looking forward to the next pay day. 

So this time round with my first pay i pierced my helix (expensive but worth it). And spent a lot of food. Most of my friends keep track on what and how much they spend.... thinking if i should do that but too damn lazy to stick to it -_-

For my next pay, i am gonna use it to buy a pair of new specs for myself? Yeah man, cant live without them. My current lenses are scratch and the frame is worn out too:/ but i still need a spare pair too. Sigh sucks to have such high degree and believe me, i would have worn contacts if i could.

Starting to pay for my own stuff likes transport, phone bills, specs and best if possible medical bills. I know i am currently still relying on my parents financially somehow but take things slow, will reach there sooner or later.

Okay ending this post now ...
Ciaos :)


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