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(I .. meant to post this on the 31st but ... erm yeah)

Last day of january, the first month of this year is ending. My january was indeed an eventful one. So many things happened (always said that but never blog about it :/). Good and bad, mostly bad i guess.

Firstly i have not been to judo for the past 3 weeks because my back injury refuses to recover. And i think this injury is the most serious one out of all i guess.

Secondly, work. For this week, i had war everyday lol. Temp staff issues. I mean i do understand that being a temp staff you're like almost at the bottom of the pyramid in an office/department. But i believe that no matter what, we should be treated reasonably and fairly. Why should YOU a perm staff push your responsibilities to me; which is NOT my work load and on top of that flood me with a lot of my own work. Just because i stood up for myself and my other superiors helped me, DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE ATTITUDE ISSUES OKAY!

Yeap and guess what, this person is not well liked in my entire department and apparently every temp staff dislikes her and always get pushed to do a lot of unnecessary work. On top of that she actually went to complained to my manager about me and tried to ask my manager to make her work load mine .. wtf.
Then also one of my friend is leaving Aviva  ... will miss him HAHA. Well its true luh base on what the others have said. like that department .. there's no point in doing it for a long term since he still has a long way to go. Btws, he's in a different department from me. Anws all the best and i have one less person to rant to. (i'm totally aware that i rant a lot)


And that's my january ... on top of all these i did made new friends and good things did happened too haha. Went drinking with QJ and also Melissa's (my dearest bff) classmate is now working in my department too! But poor her, she has to report to erm .. that person LOL.

okay thats all for this post (super overdue but meh).

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