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Okay, she is rarely seen from my blog haha.
We were classmates in Beatty, during my secondary 3 and 4 year. Yeap, and we weren't that close back then haha. I truly enjoyed those two years because my classmates were awesomeeeeee \m/!
I miss them ): ..


Anws, so we both went to NYJC together and survived the two years haha taaa-daaaa.
We only gotten really close like bffs during college years haha. But you see, i'm really glad that we got along and become closer. There are a lot that happened during that two years and there are only a few whom i truly considered as lifetime bffs. And yeap, she's one of them.

Meet up soon and all the best for your studies aye :)!
And remember got jio me on for shopping dates and always update me on sales LOL.


P.s we hitting the 20 mark liao wtf .

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