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Morning everyone!

While waiting for Enqi to reply my SMS (because i think that she's still sleeping LOL), i shall blog hehe. Yeap, can see that i blogged quite frequently last week and then slowly erm ... it died down LOL. Sorry for the inconsistency haha but those posts were scheduled too ...
So lately i have been using my Galaxy Tab S a lot haha. downloaded lots of movies, dramas and animes of 2014. Yeap time to catch up on them. Watched 'Divergent' yesterday and i think that its good! And then i went on to wikipedia to read up more about it and also the next two of the series hahaha. I love spoilers (occasionally). But after reading the third one and the ending just ... ): 

No worries, i won't spoil it for you. Wikipedia can do the job or just read the books. Or maybe, even easier, ask your friends who have already finished with the entire series haha.

Went to see a chinese doctor for my back. Probably shall do a separately post about my injuries LOL. Since i did mentioned about me getting a lot of injuries last year. Sigh ... 
okay time to get ready and then bugisssssss!
Will blog again soon yeah :)

To all those who are taking their 'O'-Levels results tomorrow: 



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