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 Sup guys! It has been a super duper long while since i last updated my blog! Most of the time i am on phone .. and basically i do everything on my phone lololol. My laptop and pc are not in good condition so yeap :/ sorrrrrry x.x Haha. JC2 life has started and i am busy nowadays with JC1 orientation~ Yeap, i'm currently an OGL. So I'm gonna share some photos taken on Day 1 and Day 2.

So for Day1, the new JC1s report to nyjc at around 750am? Yeah, was kinda excited haha but i think some of them are more excited because they came super early (like 730 or earlier)! So, my team is YUNA and my og is Yuna9

We played ice breakers and then they had subject fiesta, where they will learn more about the subjects offered in nyjc. Okay luh, day 1 is prety dry and not that interesting cause we didn't played much games except Project Affinity and also the ice breakers. It's day1 afterall, they just know each other anws.

A photo of Yuna9 with majority of us inside cause like boonchong wasn't free and some went for ELL writing test.

And then when all of us are here! It was the end of day 1, then after that we stayed back for rehearsal for the walk-in performance for next day. Was actually hoping to have be able to join training for awhile but i guess it didn't work haha .. never mind. Like what Kiaheng said, which is true, concentrate on orientation first :).

After that all the YUNA ogls gathered to take a pic to end day 1!
And then day 2!
Today is obviously more interesting since we have the college tour, where we go around school introducing the different places and at the same time to play some mini games, and also the mass games!

Yuna 9 in action taking photo to complete one of the challenges haha.
Yuna 1 and Novus 9!

During the mass games some of us had to be tied up. 

A yuna family photo! We are blue yo~
From my og, there were 2 girls who appealed out from nyjc sucessfully, so all the best to them :)!
Day 3 will start tmr and yes guys i promise to try to blog more okay? x.x


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