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Hi everyone! I'ts obvious that i have neglected my blog like almost totally LOL. I think the main reason is because my com is down (still) and my laptop also gonna cmi already haha. Posting using phone is fine but sometimes the settings are a bit weird.

So anyways, today i took part in another judo competition which is called - 'Newaza'. It's a groundwork competition and i guess my bulk list (competition list) was good to me, haha yeah i was lucky and yeah i got a silver, Kinda disappointed with myself cause i could have done better and feel sorry because ytd i still went for training and some of the seniors helped me a lot .. sigh. Had mixed feelings though .. but at least the winner is my school mate and yes, she's strong she played more matrched than me today and she deserves it luh :)

Me and 2 mat burns on my face LOL. It's not obvious because i edited this picture with filter haha, try and spot it.

  hehe and my medal!
'A' division is soon in march, immediately after block test OTL. March is soooooo gonna be like damn busy can x.x but whatever the case, i just have to do my best luh haha. 

Phew~ blogging made me feel much better and i am like forever not changing my blogskin still even though i want to ... can't find a one i like though :/

will blog again, ciaos~


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