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Okay, so before i start getting lazy and forgetting to upload the photos and not blogging about this, i shall blog now. Gotta make it fast cause i have to do my tuition homework T.T. Okays, anws hi all! I was away in a 3 days 2 night pharmacy camp organised by NUS. Yeah, i just break camp today around 12pm plus haha.Btws, it's prolly going to be a long post but with photos~

(photo taken from their fb group)

So the 1st day i met up another to NYJC people: Cindy and Jinting, and then somehow or rather find our way to the venue haha. We were splitted ninto different OGs and my OG is Niks and the colour is blue! Why Niks? There are 2 teams: Forensic and Pathology. We are under Pathology and groups under pathology have their OG name spelt backwards. So we are actually 'Skin' but reverse, it's 'Niks'.

We had an opening speech and platyed lots of ice breakers. It's awkward at the start i guess ..  for some. I mean we all don't rrally know each other haha. But Boonchong (same school) was in the same OG as me.I also saw Jocelia (pri school mate) haha and yeah, she's in the same OG as Jinting though. After that we had lunch and then proceed to lab!

For the lab, we get to do some hands on stuff liek preparing medication, dispensing etc which is actually kinda cool because you get to learn and find out what makes up to the medication that you take etc. I mean, it's a pharmacy camp .. so yeah, LOL.

What is this pink pasteeeeee. Hehe the colour is pretty and it smells good! Mostly because we use the raspberry syrup luh hahaha. We are suppose to prepare the medication according to the prescription. It's really a fun and new experience because this is not something that all of us do everyday and i think that people who are really interested in pharmacy will enjoy during the practical sessions.

We did 2 experiment on the first day. First one i forget what is it for LOL but the second one we made was an inhalant. The eucalyptus oil smells great btws haha. The pipette we used were slightly different from school. And, okay i forget to mention LOL, we were all given disposable coats to wear haha.

After that while walking back, we saw a rainbow at NUS! It's not really obvious but there was a rainbow that day. We went back to the assembly venue, had dinner and then talked and interact with one another. Slowly we all get closer i guess? But the guys, haha, forever playing with the poker cards whenever they have the chance to haha.

We had nights game also. We were suppose to go through 8 stations and then collect all the clues to the mystery, How well you do for each station determines the quality of the clue we get haha.
 We were suppose to use this 2 to decipher the questions. I find this interesting hehe.  

After the night games had ended, we went back to shower and the supper after that haha. Had macdonalds and we all slept in raffles hall. 

Morning of 2nd day, wild xitong's face appears .. lol. We had to be in school uniform because the first thing in the morning was dialogue session. On that day, yes, thursday was also the 1-for-1 starbucks day! Yeah and i bought it hahahaha and toffee nut is awesome!

For dialogue session other than it being dry ... at times ... LOL its actually kinda okay because there were people asking questions and the things they asked are things that i want to know to. Quite a few asked about how from pharmacy can you then further expand your career path,  pharmacy research etc. 

And then we had buffet lunch! After lunch we proceed for another practical session. We also did 2 more hands on preparation. 

This time round we made calamine aqueous cream and also capsules. Some of us played with colours and so the pill colours we different. By day 2 we all get closer and mix around more, joke more and laughed more too :).

Throughout the camp i guess i was closer to this 3 - wenhui, vanessa and steffi, haha and Ana (not in pic). After that we had lunch, changrd out and played games.

While waiting the the 2nd night games to start!  This time round it has a scary theme luh. I guess the games we well planned and really were fun! Haha. I was surprised by myself because i really cannot take horror and scary stuff but i was okay except for 1 or 2 stations out of 8. So achievement unlocked LOL. And also i think the second day we are more bonded and everyone is closer to each other. 

That night we also had supper haha. Had lots of naan!!!!!! My favourite and the butter chicken curry was nice! After that we talked and played games till 330am plus. Some decided to stay up the whole night but i went to sleep haha.

Then the last day, we all had breakfast together and then checked out from Raffles Hall. We went to the assembly area for prize giving and photo taking! We spammed lots of photo and even took a 10sec video LOL. Also, congratulations to Niks! Cause overall we got 2nd. We were lucky cause for the second round of night games, we unexpec5tedly got first haha. Yay~!

So that's some of the photos. Not all of them are from me haha. Anws, i really do recommend people to take part in this pharmacy camp or maybe any other university camps! Because it provides you an opportunity to have a clearer understanding of the course you are considering and at the sdame time, you get to know more poeple, make more friends and have lots of fun! I would prolly join other university camps next year after a levels to explore other courses haha.

More photos/info here:
So, that's all for my post! Will blog again next time~ ciaos!

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