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Good afternoooooon people!
Yses, i shall start off my post with a selfie of me haha. 
So i am gonna update the eventful days recently and sorry for procastinating
and not blogging much OTL. Hehe. Anws i am still finding a blogskin for my blog lol.


So, i joined my first judo competition ever in my life.I joined 2 event, U16 and U23. Manage to win a medal from both event mainly because for my weight category, there were relatively lesser people compared to the opther weight cateory. So i got a silver and a bronze. Was kinda happy haha. Judo its fun! It's something new that i am doing and enjoying right now.

Ps, my i-just-woke-up face LOL ft. my bronze medal.


The next event is probably the biggest one for 2013. My eldest cousin's wedding! She's from my dad's side .. so yup. The ROM and wedding takes place at sentosa and yeah dad was drinking quite a lot (in my opinion) so i followed him around and shared his "drinks". After that night, my mum and i talked for quite awhile when we were back home and then i also realised a few things luh. It's complicated. Really. It could prolly make a blog series out of it wtf.


Even after competition has ended,  i still continued judo. Btws my chem tuition ended for this year haha yay but math is still continuing. I have lots of holiday homework but i am not even halfway done OTL. Time to stop slacking and start chionging haha.

Actually,. i wantd to work over this holiday cause i am really really broke right now x.x but then i didn't really manage to get a job luh so i guess its too late anws. Mum suggest that i focus more on studies and judo instead. 

random dinner of mine after one of the trainings.


Yesterday my class went to NEWater for a green trip. It was fine though i guess. WE had the guided tour together with a korean tour group.  After that i went to the airport, snacked and studies there together with cindy haha. We also talked about a lot of things luh.

Some pretty flowers which i guess, are made out of plastic bottles.

And say hi to my new companion LOL.

So i guess that's all for my blog. Will blog again soon and thanks to those who reads my blog haha. okay random. byeeeee~ have to go and cook lunch.


Xi Tong, 20歳.
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