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Had my 1st outing with Niks today! It has not been long since we last break camp but i am glad that most of us get along well and still keep in touch haha. Hope it stays like this cause i really enjoy spending time with them :)!

So i met hongwei first then boonchong came and then slowly the rest join us. Our plan to meet at 11am totally failed okay! After fhat we went to swensens for lunch. Talked about lots of things and had lots of laughters too. Or maybe its just because personally i laugh a lot ... LOL. But they are a nice bunch of friends! Glad to know them :)! 

Then hongwei and Ana left cause they have something else while the rest of us went to watch 'The Starving Games'. Okay i guess it is not that worth it ...? We wanted to watch ftozen but tickets were sold out lol. 

Starring 2 rich beng at H&M yo~! 

LOL. After the movie we went to H&M while gabriel went to do some shopping. Then they went home while i went for judo training. 

Training was alright. Just hope to get better and less burdensome haha. That's all! And advance nights!


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