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hi guys! I've recently completed 3 more dramas! Yay or what lol. And yes xitong you have a lot of other things to do other than just drama, so have to control! x.x sigh. Anws guys, if you'll have any nice drama to reconmmend, do tell me!

I have completed both season 1 and 2 for 'Fugoh Keiji'. It's a drama about this girl, Kanbe Miwako, who is from a very wealthy family, has decided to join the police force. In her department, she's the only femalwe police. Although it is not one of those very high rated drama, but i find it interesting and comedic in some way. The way she solves the cases are in a different manner compared to other shows .. because she's rich LOL.

This drama has only 6 episodes and is about this housewife, age 30, with 2 kids, has decided to become a model. Initially i think her husband is damn ass .. lol okay now still.

So, that's all for today. Ciaos~


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