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Well i have not updated about my results for my promotional exams.
For my college, all of us got back all our results for each subject on the same day. Whole cohort were in their respective LTs receiving their results.

For GP, since they expanded the answer scheme so much, i guess that's why i did not bad. I thought that i would do better for paper 1 instead of paper 2 but it's the opposite instead. And this is probably because of them expanding the answer scheme to it's limits haha. I even passed AQ (like wow, unbelievable). I literally crapped through it :/.

Next we got back math paper i guess. Was kinda worried cause math is one of the subject that i need to do well to pull up my overall grades so that i can promote. I think i did well, and i could have done better if it wasn't for the careless mistakes. But still, it's good that i did well.

Then we got back chemistry which is think i managed to maintain my grades. So far so good.

After that, physics came and as expected. I got a U grade for it LOL. Okay luh, have to admit that i didn't put it a lot of effort for physics compared to the other subjects. So i guess if i really want to save myself, i prolly should restudy my physics stuff. But despite being a U grade, i improved by ... 8 marks? LOL. Erm, one step closer to a S grade haha wth.

Lastly was geography. I was expecting myself to do quite well for geography but instead i failed by a mark ...  yes. I hope that my overall geography marks can make it to an E and then i fulfill all the promotional criteria hehe. But should be able to promote bah haha.

Overall i get: CCBUS or it might be CBBUS
 okay that's all for today's blog post. Ciaos~ planning to change my blogskin soon yeah? Meanwhile, go follow and stalk me on tumblr haha. 


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