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Hi guys!
Today's the last day of school officially and WOOHOO! Okay but that doesn't really means holiday anws cause yeah next year is jc2 and i have to do some preparation for it. And guys, no. I am not mugging LOL. It's just that i have to revise, physics espcially. By revision i mean read and finish up the holiday assignments.

And well just in case you guys misses me ..

Hahahhaha jkjk. It's just that it has been awhile since i last posted or spam my selfies hehe. Have been going judo a lot recently and went to join a competition for experience purposes haha. Hopefully i can last long enough, so that i can learn more also :).

Another thing is i am an OGL now! 
OGL stands for orientation group leader haha. Which means i will be involve in next year's jc1 orientation camp. Were being splitted into respective teams and subgroups today. Played some ice breakers .. gonna mix around ~ hehe.

At the same time, i will be going back yo beatty (secondary school) for publicity day which is to promote my school and to try to get more leople to join nyjc. Honestly i never regret going to nyjc, really. And for once, its the school i chosed for myself haha. Jeffrey going back with me on that day too haha. Get to see my wushu juniors and teachers too.

Okay, that's all for today. This year end holiday is PACKED! Ciaos~  
Gonna chiong as much drama, anime, movies and manga  while i can heh.


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