Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 7:33 PM with

hi guys.

It has been awhile since i last blog (again). Lol, i think this year i have used the previous sentence a lot of time ... Sigh. Well nowadays i am busy with project work. I haven gotten back any results from my promotional exams and idk... not feeling positive or negative about it. The school has been going through answers with us but then they didn't return the script to us .. whatever, i hope that everything wet well even though i will fail physics and it's either a U or a S.

Have a lot to rant/blog about but i will save that for later haha.
Went to judo on monday and i didn't landed properly, so i hit my left heel and the impact kinda injured my ankle/heel. Hope it recovers faster so that i can go back to training soon :/ ..

that's all,


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