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Woooohoooo! Back to judo! Like finally haha. Above photo credits to Kiaheng! Well, it has been awhile for me since I last went judo but for her it has been a very long while LOL. Had lots of laughter, okay basically we were laughing away thought training (how is that even possible), did a lot of random stuff and had a few fail and epic moments haha. Mostly me LOL. 

For now since promos are over, the school will be asking us to focus on project work and I really hope that my group will do well :). Honestly speaking luh despite the problems we had lol. 

Gonna go judo as much as possible for me and tuition lessons are resuming sooooooon OTL. 

Okay will blog again guys haha. Ciaos!

Please go and watch! Hehe :3
anws guys, i am prolly changing my blogskin soon haha. Changed my tumblr theme already though, loving it.


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