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Well ever since last monday, i have been feeling unwell. Initially is was my throat and then the doctor say it was an infection. Then next thing i knew is that, every night when i study, my ear hurts a lot. Especially my ear drums. It hurts so much that i couldn't think or stay awake for very long at might to study. At first i thought that it was stress, then on friday when i went to see the doctor again, he told ms it was ear infection.

Haha, and the entire of last week, i was having promotional exams!
Well, my right ear was pretty serious but my left ear was just starting. Now that i am feeling better but my right ear still hurts occasionally x.x sigh but thankfully ...

which means i can slack, lepak, watch anime, watch drama, read manga huehuehuehuehue.
But then, i have project work to worry/focus on now haha.
Honestly speaking .. i am pretty worried for my promotional; exams results x.x i really hope i did much better for promos than mid years ...

but then i found out i made a few careless mistakes already .... OTL.

made name sticker again haha cause i has the sudden urge to do so lololol.

Shirlyn and i!

it was taken on last tuesday where we had 2 papers that day - h2 math and h1 geography, which is a total of 6hours ... whereas today, which is the last day of my exams, i had 4 papers. But they dont add up to 6 hours HAHA.

anws i am glad that i can relax more now and also spam watch anime.
so that's all for now, will blog again soon. Ciaos~


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