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Natsu from FairyTail
okay people, helloooo!

Lol, i am suppose to be doing project work now .. but ... yeah ..
Actually today i didn't have school, but then my CT decided to call us back to do project work. I know she meant well, but most of us were whining and complaining over it cause .. we actually had plans for today and for me its basically anime marathon. I have not touched anime for almost one year (unbelievable but wow). That's because there was o-levels last year and then after that i went to work and also i switched from anime to drama and mangas instead haha.

but, no worries, i am back to watching anime WOOHOOHOOO!
so,  currently, i am planning to finish Persona4 and also Danganronpa. Honestly, danganronpa is interesting hahaha really. I had a fun time guessing who's the culprit hehe and got twice correct :p. Persona4 is more of action and also with some comedy added to it.

Okay, back to project work. Ciaos~

Kyouko Kirigiri from Danganronpa!
Got this via tumblr and i like that she's always so chilled and good in analyzing things lol.

Ikusaba Mukuro.
  so far i only watched 7 episodes, haven watch till the part where she appeared yet haha.
Actually i kinda expected the 16th student to be her because i read the plot and infos about this anime on wikipedia LOL. Sorry to spoil a little bit over here. and again, i got this from tumblr.

 and again, from tumblr LOL. Well they say that these are season 2 characters haha. wonder if there will be a season 2 or not ..

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