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hi guys, i am in the mood of typing/blogging today lol. Promos are coming.. damn fast and i hope and pray and wish that i can finish studying everything in time lol. While saying that, here i am typing and blogging away lols.

I don't know, this year is such an emotional year. I wouldn't blame it for going to college because it's my choice plus honestly speaking, studying is probably easier than dealing with people. Ha, lol i actually had that thought for quite some times. Perhaps, it's because i have been holding on and keeping too much things to myself and that's why i am kinda letting them out now, this year.

problem is i am not someone who opens up easily and i am selective (lol) to who i want to tell certain things too. But i guess, because i seem bright/happy/crazy normally, maybe nobody takes it seriously when something happened to me which makes me down ... I really don't know .. i am at the extent whereby i am kind of pushing people away .. yes, away from me. Have no idea why i do that but then when they really leave, i feel sad.

Okay have to do some self reflection soon lol, and yes prolly another long and emo post coming up. ciaos, will blog again soon, xxx.


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