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hi guys, so that other day i went back to Beatty, which is my secondary school haha. Well, on thursday, my college, along with many other schools, celebrated teachers' day. Since my school's celebration ended around 1030 am (yay), me, enqi, jeffrey and wanyu manage to go back to beatty to see some of our teachers haha. Honestly, speaking i think nyjc's teachers' day celebration is fun and entertaining haha. The videos were well made ^^. The dance performance by contemporary and street was awesome! And yeah, jeffrey is in street dance haha.

Jeffrey and wanyu!

Yes jeff is noming away the cookies melissa tay made haha. Really yummy. Took picuture of the toilet because serious,  the 4 of us (jeff, me , wanyu and enqi) we all agree, okay actually STRONGLY AGREE, that Beatty toilet is the cleanest and nicest toilet among the schools we have been. Like seriously omg and we freaking miss the toilet HAHAHAHHA. Yeap, #truestory. 

Met with mdm low, mr goh, ms loo, mrs ng etc etc haha. Sadly ms joe is leaving beatty and i pity the future juniors will not be able to experience her teaching. Honestly speaking she's a good teacher, okay la sometimes her lessons a little sparta LOL. She really drilled us in our essay writing skills, prolly that's why i prefer essays over source base lol. She's really fun and nice to tease and kachiau (erm, oops :b). she's transferring to SJI i think haha, all the best.

After that, me, jeffrey, lingjiang, justin and wanyu went to ajisen to eat. Haha yay! Cravings satisfied :b.

pork curry ramen!
All time favourite hehe :3

and then here came the bill !lol.

Look at the amount of coins LOL. 

okay that's all for today, lol okay actually i am supposed to post this on friday or saturday but i forgotten about it :b. Sorry! Will try to blog more often! Haha, ciaos~


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