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hi all~
so on the thursday 8th of August, my whole family, from my mother side, went to the zoo!
Haha it has been a long time since i last been there, like really long cause the last time i went was during primary school times LOL. We went to the river safari anws~

She was like so happyyyyy and excited throughout the trip siah haha.
Hop and jump non stop and keep laughing.

i swear that this is real, LOL. 
Initially we thought that its fake (okay fine) cause it didn't move.

Cousins and me!

and yes i camwhored a lot that day haha. I really like my hair in this photo.

and omg yessssssss.
i am MAD obsessed with raccoons like NOW.
It's just so cuteeeeeeeee :3 and its damn active. So hard to get a proper picture of it sigh. 
Cause it just keep running around! Hopefully it runs to my house and live here forever hahahhahaha jkjk.

another photo of myself.
i seriously camwhored a lot that day hehehhee *checks camera roll*

The pelican is so pretty!
We went to watch this animal show and omg i should have just be shameless and squeeze myself to the front. sigh. Because i am all the way at the back and i couldn't touch the animals!! Wanted to touch the python though :/


you know throughout the day, when me and jolene (cousin, 1 year older than me) saw the aquariums and tanks we just felt like jumping in to swim LOL. It's so pretty ~~~~~~~~

Kailin and jingxuan

taaa-daaa here's kaikai!
good life siah, eat shit sleep LOL.
Btws that day the panda slept in a very unglam manner and my grandma was like:
"norh! like you la, always sleep until so chor lor one. 3 out of 5 days you will make noise as if eating something like that."
yes my grandma exposed my sleeping habits sigh.
Okay i admit to it, i have horrible sleeping manners/habits/position.

#likeaboss hahaha

l;unch packed with love from uncle! Haha he's a great cook!

okay so that's all. Rather simple post cause i didn't take much photos except for my face LOL.
Yeah i bet you guys wouldn't want to read a post full of my face haha.
Btws i have placed a chatbox on the side, feel free to comment or post anyything haha. i don't bite :3~

will blog again soon.


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