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Yeap, as stated in the title lol, my school had ndp celebration today. It was kinda sian at the first part (oops) but the real fun starts during the quiz and the sing along session haha. Everyone was kinda hyped up. Okay, not gonna type much.

Then after celebration we have like about 3hours to spare before class lunch LOL. So we went library to camp and i chem i little.Cindy, shuyun, zaiqin and me started playing around after "studying" for awhile haha. Playing with each others' hair, trying out new hairstyles lol and yeah i bet we made quite a lot of noise in the library teeheehee.

after that we went to nex for lunch lol

and then class photo and go homeeee LOLOLOOL.
Okay la sorry for not posting much and spamming pictures instead, which mostly is my face hehe.
gonna go back to watching my drama :) will blog again soon.


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