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hi guys, so i am back to watching anime! Hehe and yes i have completed 3 animes weeks ago but just didnt really have time to blog about them haha. gonna blog about this anime, which is 'K'. Yeah, just 'K'. I finally watched it and uh zhimin finished it way before i even started it lol. She told me that the first few episodes ( i think from episode 1 to 3) is pretty confusing and yup, she's right. HAHA. It's kinda hard to link and understand things at the start but everything make sense slowly at the later part haha.

so for those who gave up after the first 2 or 3 episodes, continue it!
Anws, here's the summary:

Set in a world where history has taken a slightly different course from the one we're familiar with, K follows the story of a young boy whose life is caught in a psychic war between seven kings.
Ashinaka High School is known for its unique setting: the entire campus is built on an island. Yashiro Isana, aka Shiro, is having lunch with a cat on one of the school rooftops. After his lunch break, Shiro goes on an errand for his classmate Kukuri to prepare for their upcoming school festival, only to be chased by some intimidating-looking men.
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the guy with white hair is the main character of this anime, aka Isana Yashiro. But you know my bias in this anime is ...

YATOGAMI KUROH! Haha omg. You know i seriously don't like guys with long hair (sorry, my preferences ahem) but then this time round, I AM GONNA MAKE AN EXCEPTION hahhahaha oops ;3. Okay, xitong maintain.

Oh and alvin told me he wants neko heh. Obvious reasons hahhaahha. I hope he finds someone like neko soon huehuehuehuehue.

Haha not sure what i meant by red? Go and watch the anime to find out lor! Hehe,

The red king.
He's a pretty nice guy haha

 yup and that's all!
I really like this last picture a lot haha. 
the ending was kinda :( But i think there's a movie of 'K' coming out or already out haha.
Gonna watch it once i found it, with english subs LOL. Ciaos~!


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