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hi guys!!! I'm back for a short post haha. time to update this blog of mine now hehe.

So, what's with all the medicine? Apparently on monday i ate the wrong food which causes me to have an immediate allergy reaction lol. It wasn't that bad at first, but went to a night clinic to get a jab and immediately went back home to sleep. Then the next day, it got worser. It spreaded to my arms like the opposite of my elbow and the back of my knees area. That night when i got home, it was damn bad. It has spreaded to my face and my eyes were freaking popping out! My lips were swollen too ):

Went to see doctor again next day and realise it's HIVES!! Wth all this while when i got something like this i didn't its hives LOL. And i swear, this is the worse hive case i ever had till today, i hope no longer in future x.x. I couldn't do judo for a week cause i can't sweat and also my throat swelled, sigh.

But then i am kinda alright now, hopefully haha.
Okay i summarised the mainpoint of last week HAHA. Some pics of my hives below, dont scroll down if you're eating lol. Not sure if it will spoil you appetite :O

oh and hi, wild dog appears!
haha so cute right?!?!??! He belongs to qy's sister lol.
Yes, post something cute to cleanse your eyes just in case you scrolled down haha.



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