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okay actually i wanted to blog about something a little emo which happened throughout this week but since today has been a pretty good day i shall not post that post which i have written in the afternoon (lol ironic) today. Will schedule it tmr haha but really its the longest post ever since two years. So have fun reading it~

Today has been rather relaxing, like i can do things at my own pace haha. Have been in the library since 10 am hehe till now and gonna leave around 8. Today it's also my dearest babe birthday!!! Happy birthday melissa heng li ya! Love you and miss you lots! Can't wait to meet up with you because we have shit loads to catch up haha. And uh also, i have to pass you your present. Sneak peak ... 

LOL seriously every year the only card I put in so much effort is yours haha
Although I always write lesser than you but whatever quality over quantity HAHAH. 

And so here's a picture of my lunch hahah. Something new from the library cafe or maybe it's because it has been ahile since I last ate there haha. 

Okay gonna chill awhile then start work hoho, ciaos ~


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