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Friendship problems are common, right? Through fights and arguments, it can make a friendship stronger, or to break a friendship.

Well obviously something has been going on in my class and related to my clique, totally.It kinda split up and when we thought one problem is already solved, another person misunderstands and then back to square one. Bot gonna mention names but just gonna use alphabets lol. Yes it's prolly gonna get you so confused that you might give up halfway HAHA. Oh well, it's up to you guys to read it or not :) And warning, it's gonna be a really really really long post. Probably the longest one since 2 years lol. I'm blogging about this because i need to get this whole story off, which explains the length.

Oh and if anyone in my clique decided to read this, READ ALL. Yes, from the start till the very end even if it takes days.

So my clique has got 8 people, inclusive of myself. I shall name them: C, Z, R, H, J, P, S. So it kinda all started by the small things done by P that slowly piles up and affected C, Z and S a lot. Not much on me i guess cause i am not that close with her haha. Well, then C, Z and S talked a lot about her, okay kinda bad and mean but yeah. We are humans after all, and i believe, in whatever relationship there is no way there will never be quarrels and bitching behind the back. It happens, cause you have to let it out somehow. We kinda decided to not care about her because since Z and S are close to P, compared to me, they felt a little indecisive.

Then later things become a little worse and more obvious because other classmates also came over to ask what happened. Yeah and things kinda became awkward.

Honestly speaking, from my point of view and a little from C, S and Z, it's actually us who got left out. This is because P always disappears and left without us and sometimes she drags J along or maybe, leave her out, Then it's like she rather spend her time alone with the rest of the guys in my class. So, being mad at her at that moment, we were like very mean like commenting her, this and that .. It's like you know when you start to dislike the person, everything he/she does kinda irritates you? Yeah that feeling.

Then later we heard that P is trying to help Q to help woo S. S feels disgusted la LOL cause she doesn't like him and yeah. Then later we also heard from Z that she's trying to steal her friends because she keep making up things like as if Z's best friend told P something but never tell Z. R stayed neutral all this while until maybe at the very end. C is also very irritated by her actions and the fact that P keep saying that she'll come and find us to study but then she stayed with the guys in the end and not even informing us if she's coming to find us or not.

We were also worried what the other half of the class would think of us, because they might misunderstood us and think negatively about us. C has that experience before, yes and it's painful, so for her, it was hard. R really hates it when someone else tells other people about us and she gets misunderstood even when she did nothing, because that's not fair (which is true). We kinda expected, more or less, that she will tell other people about us and make us look like the bad ones. But then, in the end, we decided that if they decided to only listen to P's story without even asking for our side, then we shall not be bothered with them any more.

All these continued until like last week, P said that she and Q are together and yes whole class cannot maintain LOL. Some of us laughed about some us find it surprising but for me, i really, sincerely wished them well and all the best. I mean  its not like i have anything against their relationship lol. Unless, its the guy i like, but even then i will still wish them the very best then go to a corner to emo and grow mushrooms T.T.

Then later this monday, Q wrote a note to S and told her that P is very sad and she cried ... Initially we were angry cause C and Z cried over it and felt very very tired over it too. Then when people come and help P, why didn't they spare a thought for us. Q said she should stop leaving her out and wait for her when lessons ends. HELLO?!?!?! She always disappears or left by herself after lesson ends, since when she waited for us? Then we decided to talk it out (like so fast, cause R suggested to gave a good talk), Since i am not close to her it's easier for me to say so i told the main point of everything and what actually happened to each of us.

But, however, it doesn't seems like a real ' let's have a good talk session' because P didn't tell us hjow she feels and it makes seems like we are thrashing on her. The best part is ..

immediately, the next day, S and P become BFFS. LIKE WOW SO FAST? What about the times when you were raging about her. Even if you raged and btich about her behind her back you still talked to her nicely when she approached you. C only said she needs time and then S said she feels very pressurized cause she feels that we are forcing her to choose between P and us. Did we?

We only said things can NEVER go back to how it was, some of us needs time and we also said you can befriend with her but that doesn't mean i also have to very super duper close and goof friends with her. Initially i am not close with P already lol.

Okay the funny thing is, P didn't do much to me since i am not close to her in the clique but then the reason i kinda got so worked up is because the clique is like splitting and those that i am close too are quarreling and feeling terrible.

Then for the whole week it seems like we slowly made up with P and then drifted from S. S thinks too much by herself lol seriously and gets the very wrong idea, she also raged at us because of P and said some hurtful stuff. It's kinda like a sudden 180degree change to me.

So a lot of talking and comforting throughout this week but for now i guess, it's kinda alright already? Honestly speaking i think C really really gave in a lot. but whatever, we still have to move on. And i can only hope for the better and no more repetition.


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