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this wednesday i went swimming with karshing and kiaheng @ sengkang there lol. Anchorvale something something one sorry, cannot remember LOL. Near farmweay LRT. The weather was nice and we had damn lots of fun haha! Learn and taught them new stuff, and it's nice being back in the pool :). It has already been 1.5 years since i last swam! Miss the pool and its really awesome, felt like going back to swimming again haha :)

So, shall just let the pictures do most of the talking instead:

In case you want to know the app that i used for us to camwhore (LOL), its called 'TOMOTO'. iphone app store has it but i dont think android has it :/ yeap you can see we like give up our image and just yolo LOL. That day was really fun despite my aching body haha. Had h2h during dinner which was great! You know, one of the rarest moment of xitong's life when she opens up to someone lol.

okay thats all, just a quick update only haha, ciaos~


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