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hi guys! Back to update this space of mine. Had a really good day yesterday, okay kinda lol cause at night some emo shit stuff happened lolololol.

So in the morning i went to polyclinic for consultation because of some health issues haha, hopefully is nothing serious. Seriously man i waited for like almost 4 hours plus for the consultation lol. But anws since the doctor was nice, i shall be understanding hahahahaha wth.

After that i went to amk hub to do some shopping! Went to watsons to get more masks sheets ;x. YES i have been spamming masks a lot this year. Too bad, i dont really have a very good skin condition haha.

Bought 5 missha masks. 2nd time trying it, first time was because Enqi gave me the green tea one haha and i find that it's not bad. Gave the red one to mummy cause its anti ageing lolololololl. As for the big mask set behind, is from my beauty dairy, my all-time favourite masks sheet! That set is for mositurizing. It has 16 pieces and only for $19.90!

After that i went home to put down my masks and then pack my judo stuff and then went to meet Karshing and Ruilin at bugis for a little shopping! Haha, had crepe (YAYYYY) but the cashier lady was a bit lol. So manage to buy 2 tops. Actually wanted to buy 2 more toops but each is $15, and i'm a bit on budget haha but if i really like them a lot i guess i will go back and buy them :)

got this floral lace top for $10. Its a top for me since i am like short ._. LOL but for karshing or ruilin they can wear it as crop top liao HAHAHAHA they so tall. Have been wanting to own one of these hehe. The back is sheer but the front is not. Also has a mini pocket at the front.

 And omg the 3 of us were looking through the $5 rack and omg I FOUND THIS (above)!!!!! It's like best buy of the day HAHAH. It's long sleeve and has like those crystals (likely fake lol) all over the front! Material isn't too thick, perfect for singapore weather man (summer everyday unless weather pms, then it ,rains lol).Really happy when i found this LOL. Karshing was like,  ' Ir's meant for you ' hahahhaha. 

Bought 2 tops only but better than nothing hehe. Then after that we went to lavender for judo and then home sweet home!

That's all for today's post. Will blog again some time soon :)
Oh! and i watched 'despicable me 2' already! Even though i didn't watch 1 hahahha. Team Agnes WOOHOO! She's damn cute lol.

kkayes, ciaos~



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