Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 12:03 AM with

and suddenly, wild jeffy appears~ lol.

hi guys, lately i don't update much because there isn't much pics/photos to post unless you want me to spam my own selfies *ahem*. Lol just joking :b And yes, a lot of people say that i look different from my photos, yeah i kinda look nicer in them HAHA.So if you ever see me in real life (if you can recognise me), sorry to disappoint you~ lawls!

and karshing says hi :)
i guess she's one of those in nanyang i really get along well haha. 

and she gave me this ^^~

okay this is damn nice to snack on. Bought it from UK last month lolol.
and oh, i haven blog about my trip yet and neither did i pass the photos to the teachers yet hahaa #deepdeepshit

   Free oreos today! But extra 2 more from jordan haha.

okay, i guess that's all for a short update hehe. Will schedule some post so at least, my blog doesn't look dead :3 ciaos~


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