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Hi guys, so back again to blog a little :). This week is special timetable lol, special because everyday we have project work in our timetable. But thank god is all lectures haha. Normal timetable resumes next week but then omg i haven finish all my tutorials. Anws, more food photos LOL:

Blueberries! Real yummy, and i'mma berry lover! HAHA. 

Today's dinner - Egg Yakisoba!

Newly bought missha sun block haha, tried it today and yes, it doesn't feel sticky or oily at all! Gonna use it everyday haha. I'm not a sun block lover because it feels oily and uncomfortable on my skin. It's good to apply sun block, especially in singapore lol but i don't. Maybe this will make me wanna put sun block on everyday hmmm ... 

okay back to project work muahaha LOL. Ciaos~


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