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hi all! Yeahh it has been quite awhile since my previous update. Haha, MIDYEARS ARE OVER MAAAAANNNN!!!! WOOHOO. Lol, okay la mye niah. Not saying that it's easy but i guess it's not like a very big thing since exams are a norm for students lols. Honestly, i didn't studied very hard and finish my homework for mye, but whatever it is i hope i dont do that badly :).

Yup and photos of food and other stuff.
 And the app that i used to decorate some of my photos: snapeee


Well, today is daddy's birthday. Well, i always complained about him, sometimes angry and irritated at him for some reason. But regardless he's still my dad, he's one that who really cares for you but doesn't show it in an obvious manner. that's what i like about my dad i guess? LOL. He's really a dad that i'm proud of, not saying this just because today's his day. I like to show off to others like how capable my dad is, especially in housework, repairing stuff and comforting people. T?his year we had a few conflicts, dont understand why he dont see things my way and as usual dont understand why are they so lenient (in my opinion) to my brother.

He makes sure i reach home before he goes to sleep no matter how late it was. He keeps things to himself but not matter how stress is he, he loves my mum, my brother and me. Stay strong daddy! It may be a hard year for you and your business, but if you ever need help, say it. After keeping so many things to myself for years, it gets harder to open up. Take it slow okay? Love ya :)


Cheers to the best dad in my world!
(okay since my dad understands better in chinese, have to rewrite these on a card now hehe)


Xi Tong, 20歳.
Singapore // Gemini

"Embrace the glorious mess you are." - Elizabeth Gilbert
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