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Hi peeps! Gonna blog about today! Haha. Well in the morning I had PT (physical training), uh part of my cca haha. It was kinda tiring and I hate the push up part lol. Ran a lot but overall it was fine. LOL, wow despite me no liking pt so much said that is was fine ... Lawls. 

Adline and menghui's sexy leg LOL. 
After that we sit around and talk for awhile. Then later I went to met heejin around 11 at Braddel, Alvin pass me the coffee he bought for me. Haha after that me and heejin went back to Beatty (my secondary school). 

Erm a random picture of me ... :B. 
Anws so I finally went to collect my sgc haha. I was being a lazy ass hehe. Then after that we went to hot tomato at nex for lunch :). 

Lunch was awesome! Cause the food was good haha. Heejin and I like damn shameless LOL keep snapchatting xD. Then after that we went to walk around to get some cute notebooks and then home sweet home for me! 

Hehehe cute right?!? Hopefully it motivates me to study LOL. Yeah. Okay goodnights everyone. Shall pack my stuff and sleep soon haha. Will blog soon :) 


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