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hi guys! lol likw finally, i changed my blogskin and yes, now i'm using my laptop to blog! LOL, yeah cause i was just to lazy to transfer photos from phone to iphone and its kinda easier to just blog through using my phone. But i can understand sometimes when i used my phone to blog, it kinda makes the post a little messy? Haha not sure about how you guys think. So, follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook. I'm like always there haha.

My grandma just finished her operation for her legs. They are observing her now, everything will be fine but is just what is happening tmr for her sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too painful x.x My grandma is someone who has very high level of tolerance, hopefully it wont be too painful for her tomorrow.

And yeah i cant go to the hospital because i'm kinda like, sick? LOL. Yeah some bacteria infection at the right side of my throat? Haha 2nd bacteria infection lol. First time was my stomach which i didn't blog about it i guess ;O.

My medicine lol.  The blue-green one has this weird smell :/. But since it's smelly, i believe that it's something good that will allow me to recover faster. LOL omg wth was thaaaattt omg omg gom you don't say~~ lol medicine are meant to help people to recover faster.

anws enough of my lameless LOL. I'm flying to UK (lucky me) on saturday. Will blog more about it on saturday and maybe update about my trip using my phone since there's like free wifi at where i'll be staying ^^ hehe.



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