Monday, June 3, 2013 at 12:34 PM with

Hi June lol. Went to school that day around noon to hand in consent form haha. Heard the 12pm bell and I seriously love the sound of that bell since young :). It just makes my day better LOL. 

Anws after that I went to meet up with heejin at town haha. Ate a lot and window shopped a lot :b hehe. Also, took lots of photos :D

HAHHAH major spam of our photos :b . Sigh last time xitong also not so zilian haha, used to be camera shy. Now aiyoyoyo ~ LOL. After that we parted and went to meet up with the judo peeps for the trial for external training. It was fun! Haha but then like got a lot of angmos and kids, younger than me by a lot, learning! Plus their belt higher than mine HAHA. 

Anws I'm planning to join their training I guess? Haha. Okay that's all for now. Shall blog again some time soon :)


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