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Boo! LOL hi people. So here's a photo of me, so that you guys won't miss me too much .. HAHHAHA. Just joking! Anyways, i'm almost done packing my bag pack and luggage. Kinda excited and yet nervous (LOL, erm no idea why) for my UK trip ^^. It's actually a science trip organised by my school haha, so yup. It's also my first time to an European country LOL.

Hopefully my throat gets better as day passes haha. Will take lots of photos! since i'm the photographer anyways LOL. A little pressurized hahahha cause must take nice photos and must keep taking pictures. I even dreamt of forgetting my camera T.T #stress LOL.

Since there's wifi there, i can still blog there. but follow me on twitter or instagram cause i'm more likely to update there :). shall finish up my packing and then shower~

byeeeeeees! Will be back on the 16th! ^^


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