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hey all! Haha okay the picture above was taken last week when i was in UK!
Well, honestly speaking i'm kinda lazy to compile all my photos which i have to do it anws because i volunteered to be the photographer for this trip and i need to submit them to my teachers. 

wow, long sentence LOL.
Anws, yes there's this haze craze in singapore so i wore a mask out today ^^ ~

HAHA retard post LOL.
Went to school for project work signing in at the security guard there and then someone tapped me.
siahla i couldn't recognise kenny for a moment LOL i just stared at him blurly LOL. Cause he wore specs and a mask hahahahah wts. Okay la, me and my #fail moments.

Kinda done with pw. shall go and shower now and do some math :)

Oh, i think i will do a shopping haul blog post on the things i bought in UK haha. Stay tune :b


Xi Tong, 20歳.
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