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Okay so hi guys. Erm suffered from major jet lag yesterday HAHA. Officially (because in between I woke up and sleep lol) woke up at 2pm (Singapore time) which is like 7am in UK. Hahah. Almost did that today but since I hve to go to school later I force myself up. 

So was doing the usual morning routine, scrolling through twitter and my Instagram and I found this interesting: 

Can't say it's wrong or correct because no one went to verified if this is the truth or not lol. 

Singapore has been hazy and yesterday PSI hit 150. Which is THAT BAD. I didn't even open any of my windows (okay only one but only a  tiny bit), not even wanting to. The view outside my window is like blurred. 

Singapore is hot enough so with this haze, I guess we are being steam ._. 

The article says that they supply oxygen throughout the year except maybe during this time of the year. But omg WHO USES HAZE. Plus maybe Indonesia is one of the major contributors that supplies oxygen but that is a very lame excuse to use for this incident. To me I guess Indonesia don't really supply much oxygen because most of it is used to make up for the haze. 

Whatever. Haha. Breakfast is more important for now :B gonna eat, hang the clothes and off to project! Tuesday is a busy day because I'm gonna have judo and tuition lol.

Will blog about my trip soon. :) 
Ciaos ~ 


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