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hi all. Sorry to scare you guys with me acting cute above *ahem*. WHATEVER HAHAH. sigh i really look different, without my specs. Like my friends says that without my specs, my eyes looks bigger lol. And yes, nowadays i'm getting more and more erm zilian hahaahha. Keep taking picture of myself.

So gonna update you guys a bit on my life. Yesterday my computer and laptop just failed me ALL OF A SUDDEN. I can't on them and so had to rely on my iphone, which didn't failed on me haha. Phone plan ends around november, i wonder what phone should i get :b hehe. Oh and lately i'm into so here it is:

yes, ask away or spam me with questions! I will definitely answer your questions with 100% honesty LOL WTH HAHAHA. But please don't ask questions like 'Have you masturbate' etc =_= lol. Really? Are you that curious? Too bad, not gonna answer that heh.

Had chemistry tuition today and it was being pushed backwards so i couldn't go for judo training ): yes i'm kinda obsessed with judo now. After tuition i went to serangoon to meet up with Melissa Heng! Hehe.

and TAAA-DAAAAA! My super belated birthday present LOL. Well, really appreciate the effort she put in and i obviously like the things she buy! Haha and her card as usual, full of luvvvvv! Haha, friends for 6years and still counting, #staystrong :). Love the cute notebooks and gonna nom on the chocolates while i study.

Okay, so that's all for today's post. Shall update whenever i can because when school starts, this blog of mine is gonna be neglected quite a bit ;( .. sorry.

and ciaos!


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