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hi all ^^. Okay, awkward pose above haha. Smoothed my face in the picture LOL so you no see enlarged pores haha. Anws gonna blog about yesterday and then after that shall continue with my stuff and then facial ;x. Too bad, the condition of my skin is not good haha.

So yesterday, i went out with Candice to catch 'Monster University'. It's a rather funny show and i think it's worth it. We caught the 1145am movie at bugis+.

ohmegod. this is freaking awesome!
It's called mochi, a japanese sweet. I've always wanted to try this but never get to and it's also hard to find! Tried honey lemon flavour and peach flavour, and i'm really loving the honey lemon one!!

Snack mochi in the cinema and also ireland potato!! Hehe.
too bad, i just dont enjoy popcorns :O

After the movie, candice and i spent almost half an hour to decide on what to eat LOL. So we had thai food in the end. It's really yummy. Had phad thai glass noodle, while she had green curry paste fried rice.

After that i went sephora to get my free birthday gift which is the eyeshadow palette haha. Yay more colours to play with ^^. I also got myself a new lip balm, yeah kinda obsessed with tinted lipbalm nowadays haha. Wanted to try those nudish/milky pink but i decided to go for this colour, red but not a very strong red.
After that` we went bugis library, omg first time there i felt like a bimbo HAHAHA. Studied a little then we went for judo training @ lavender.

Candice HAHAHA.

Training ended late but it was fun i guess? No idea why i felt so moody yesterday night even though now still .. a little? Oh well. Okay have to wash the dishes and watch my drama LOL. Ciaos~


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