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So i went to The Face Shop like during the end of january while waiting for enqi to finish her facial haha. So i went to dhouby ghaut and walk around plza sing and explored the new extension (wow, so adventurous lol #lame).

okay so anws, i bought a few things from there and i kinda feel that mostly are bought on impluse x.x sigh. xitong uh you already have too much of skin care products already! Yeah, and i made myself to promise that i'm NOT going to buy anymore skin care products or any other cosmetics etc.

Btws, if you ever want to visit this outlet at plaze sing's extension, there's a sales girl she kinda will keep introducing you products and ask you to buy it, like one of those quite pushy sales girl? I mean she's doing her job but i don't really like it when someone keep asking me to buy (even when i was paying for the item) things even when i said that i donb't need it or i don't want to buy it. I know i may have sound rude when replying (if like very irritated) and i feel kinda bad rejecting (i wonder why ._.).

So i got this facial/cleansing wipes. Kinda regretted cause i saw other face shop cleansing wipes at a cheaper price. But oh well never mind, bought it anws haha.

This is like the only product that i bought on that day that i really really need and want LOL. Its a mask that cleanses your face by removing and extracting dirt and also minimising your pores. Used it twice so far and i really like it :).

Because when i used another brand of this type of mask it kinda makes my skin feels very dry and tight after 15 mins and after i washes it off, my face feels kinda dry. However this product from TFS when i apply., it has this cooling effect on my face and even after i wash it off, my face still feels smooth and not dry art all.

Aunt intro this to me. Have not tried it yet but soon :) AFTER I FINISH THOSE MASK THAT ARE EXPIRING SOON BY END OF 2013 D;

This is a balm that helps to reduce shine on your face when putting make up or not. It has this very light smell and it feels balmy rather than oily. And i must say, IT WORKS for me. Those who are interested can go and try this :) but buy it online la, cheaper also LOL. I think i'm gonna finish this in like 3 to 4 months haha. But still i dont think you should use it everyday cause it's not that good for your skin. Concentrate it on areas on your face that's usually oily. Avoid putting on your whole face.

Yup, and that's all. Haha. Ciaos~

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