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This is my outfit for tpday! Haha ps it's kinda blur. I used mum's iphone and her iphone casing is very pretty right :D? Haha bought it from china.

Collar. Yeah, i have like 2 moles there lol. Btws, i got my top from a shop that sells jap/korean fashion at a market area in chinatown. It's pretty expensive though :/

Skirt from bugis street for $10! HAHA. My aunt say this skirt is nice ... it hides my fat thighs well LOL.

My sleeve is 3/4 and nearer to the end of the sleeve there're laces~

and here's a retarded picture of me in the morning while i'm half awake but already outside LOL. I LOOK SO CHUBBY HAHAHAHAHAAH.

 A real pretty necklace from mummy :) She lent me this to match my outfit so i won't look so boring lol. The heart is like made up of stalks of flowers. It's actually gold in colour and the chain is from silver to gold.

Anws, today was fine, so far so good :) but then it kinda rained. But whatever, the weather is cooling now :D. Sorry for not blogging nowadays and yeah, my blog view have dropped a lot. like  ALOT  ): kinda sad but well, i guess my blog seems more boring now. Gonna change my blogskin soon (like it will help liddat LOL).

mum ask me to take picture of it and she even arranged the red packets herself :p


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