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I've been reading Cleo magazine for quite some time and i really like their magazine because i find it very informative and also very interesting. They have different stories to share each month and also lots of giveaways/prizes to be won just by smsing!

Okay la, this is not an advertisement is just that i won a hamper so cleo is not a scamer or what LOL and also you guys can try and win stuff from there too! Each sms is like 30cents i think? Anws i always scan for things i like and then send about 3 to 5 smses (ya, waste money/i've a lot of money to spare right? LOL but no). Just wanna try my luck and really .. 2012 has been really good to me and 2013


Couldn't believe it at first when i first saw the email but then when i realise it's real, i'm like OH YEAH HAHA. I mean, okay i'm not so into make up and i'm not really a big fan of silky girl (but neither do i dislike/hate their products), but still i want to try my luck haha and i really got it! Yay~ thank you cleo :D

So here's what i got in the hamper :)

2 different type of foundation. Er since i'm tanned and my skin tone is darker so i can't use any of the 2 ): cause i'll look waaaaay to fair LOL. So i gave the bb one to jiawen( new friend in nyjc) and the cc one to melissa heng :)

A mascara, an eyeliner (have the exact same one so i gave it to cousin) and two sets of eye shadow.

Blush :)

Lipglosses and lipsticks! I gave one of the lipstick (first one from the top) to my grandma and she used it for new year and then i really like the one second from the top, been using quite a lot :b haha, kept the gloss and gave the nude gloss to my cousin.

Shades of the lippies~

And then last but not least, perfumes!

Overall, i'm happy with what i've received. LOL duh, what else do i expect after winning a lucky draw hehe :B So, Cleo magazine is one the most affordable and cheaper magazine which costs like $3.50. If you don't want to buy it, just go popular browse lor LOL and then sms :B.

Have fun and yeah school started today so far so good, will blog more often to update this space of mine, ciaos :3~

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